Outdoor flags are a great way to show support or identity. Hang them proudly!

Request a quote Request a quote Introduction: Advertising flags can transform your communication strategy into a powerful tool to attract the attention of your target audience. At Franprint, we understand the importance of visibility, branding and promotion in today's competitive world. Our personalized flags offer an exceptional visual impact,...

Want to stay safe and stylish at the beach? Find out why the beach flag is essential.

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Discover how advertising sails can energize your marketing campaign and boost your sales.

Request a quote Unlock the potential of Advertising Sails for your marketing campaign Are you looking to elevate your marketing strategy and improve the visibility of your...

Wind-resistant flags help you stay strong in stormy weather. Protect your national pride.

Request a Quote The Web is a vast ocean of information in which businesses strive to stay afloat and stand out in the face of...

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Flags fan engagement can motivate the team and impact its performance. Go team!

Supporter flags have become an essential element in the world of sport and advertising. Their impact on a team's success cannot be underestimated. These colorful and dynamic accessories play a crucial role in visibility, branding, promotion, and much more. In this article, we'll explore in depth how flags...

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FranPrint, Your Custom Printing Expert and Leading Digital Advertising Agency

In today's era where visuals are essential, FranPrint stands out as the leader in advertising printing in France. Thus, our personalized services transform your ideas into impactful visual supports, ranging from tablecloths to various promotional materials, with precision and creativity.

Discover the digital advertising agency Franprint, specialist in object-based advertising and large format printing. We bring your campaigns to life with creativity and precision, providing exceptional visibility for your brand.

Our Services: A Range of Printing Solutions Offered by a Digital Advertising Agency

Design and production of PLV

This service includes the creation of visual communication supports for the point of sale. So, this can range from exhibition stands, totems, posters to more innovative supports. So, the objective is to capture the attention of customers in a commercial environment and to promote products or special offers.

Printingstickers and personalized advertising stickers

These advertising printing elements are designed to be stuck on different surfaces, thus promoting a brand or an event. Thus, they come in different sizes and shapes, frequently used in guerrilla marketing campaigns or as promotional gifts.

Creation of advertising flags for marketing strategies

Pennants are small flags used as communication supports during events or in commercial spaces. So, companies often decorate them with their logo or slogan and distribute or display them en masse.

Customization services for promotional textiles and clothing

Digital advertising agency Franprint offers customization of clothing such as t-shirts, polo shirts and caps, which can be used as corporate uniforms or promotional items at events.

Production of custom flags

Flags increase brand visibility, especially outdoors. They can be attached to masts, building facades, or used during events to indicate the presence of a brand.

Supply of resistant and customizable advertising tents

These tents are used for outdoor events, trade shows and markets. They provide a sheltered space while displaying the brand visibly on the tent canvas.

Design of customizable advertising balloons

These balloons can be standard or custom-made, with large format printing of the logo or a message. Helium balloons can float above a stand or be used in parades to attract attention.

Creation of customizable inflatable advertisements

Larger than balloons, these inflatable structures can take the form of giant products, mascots or any other element associated with the brand. So, they serve as visual attractions during events and promotions.

Manufacturing of personalized USB sticks

Functional businesses often distribute USB drives as promotional materials or use them to convey information at conferences or professional events. In fact, they frequently personalize these keys with the company logo and colors.

Printing of Advertising Tablecloths

Let your brand shine at every event or commercial space with our tailor-made advertising tablecloths. So, FranPrint promises superior printing quality, exceptional durability, and limitless customization to ensure your message stands out.

Complete Printing Solutions: FranPrint, Your Digital Advertising Agency

From the design to the printing of your posters, banners, flyers and more, FranPrint is the perfect choice for all your large format advertising printing requirements. So, our dedicated team works with you to create custom products that precisely meet your business needs.

For each of these services, Franprint offers a consultation to understand the brand's needs, followed by a design and production proposal tailored to the client's objective and budget.

Why Choose FranPrint Your Trusted Digital Advertising Agency? ?

Exceptional Quality : We are committed to providing impeccable printing quality, particularly in large format advertising printing, to ensure the durability of your media.

Dedicated Customer Service : At FranPrint, each client benefits from personalized assistance offered by our digital advertising agency. So our experts are here to guide you, from the initial idea to the delivery of your project.

Fast and Reliable Delivery : We understand the importance of deadlines in the business world. So, that's why we ensure fast and reliable delivery of your orders, with flexible options tailored to your needs.

Ecological Commitment : FranPrint takes its environmental responsibility to heart. Our initiatives include the use of recycled materials and eco-friendly inks, highlighting our commitment to a greener planet.

Ready to Promote Your Brand with our Digital Advertising Agency?

Contact FranPrint, your digital advertising agency, today to discuss your printing projects. So, benefit from a free quote and a personalized consultation to explore how we can help you maximize the visual impact of your brand. So together, let's make your vision a reality.