Advertising panels

Advertising panels

An advertising panel can be perceived as an outdoor display intended to convey information on various subjects. Our billboards are made on supports of different materials that can be small, medium or large. It allows one to communicate around an event, to share their products and services and to communicate around a specific situation.

It includes either verbal or visual messages or a combination of both, and generally reaches a wide audience. Your billboard may, for example, carry your slogan, logo, catchy text or other representation to distinguish it from other companies and organizations.

What is the interest of billboards?

Communication is a very powerful tool, and it is with full knowledge that most groups, organizations and companies invest considerable sums in advertising. Advertising billboards serve as communication media and therefore their use by larger or smaller companies may be a winning choice for them. Indeed, the advertising pano, as the name so clearly indicates, is used to promote something (a good, an event, a brand, a service, etc.). It is therefore ideal to give visibility to your company through the information it contains.

The advertising boards of Franprint are also very good means of awareness. The proof is that some billboards are used mainly to warn against certain dangers (the abuse of cigarettes, drugs or other illicit substances), to insist on the need to protect oneself during any form of sexual intercourse or to give instructions on hygiene rules and products. And these are just a few examples.

Whatever its form or message, the advertising pano helps attract the attention of prospective clients. It very often arouses the curiosity (of those who see it) and makes you want to know more about what it is (company, event, etc.). So it’s a very effective way to make people aware of various things.

What are the criteria for choosing billboards?

Dominique Wolton said that in communication, the most complicated thing was neither the message nor the technique, but the receiver. This to emphasize the importance of writing or producing your billboard according to the audience you are targeting. If your product or service is aimed at artists or painters for example, you will be more likely to interest them by opting for drawings or images (well made) on your billboard. On the other hand, if you want to dazzle poets or people on the letters, logic would want you to choose words in different fonts. These are, of course, only some of your alternatives, because there are many other things to consider and you should try to take them all into consideration. Our graphic design team can take care of the graphic design of your panels.

On the other hand, the location of your billboard is very important. Indeed, most people must not only be able to see it, but more importantly they must be aware of the message it carries. This assumes, for example, that billboards are visible to you, both when you are in your vehicle and when you are on foot. You must therefore make sure to position them in an ideal way so that they are both visible and legible. As a result, a wide range of materials is available to make your panels (from very light to very resistant).

The type of panels and the material used to make them are also important. You must weigh the pros and cons to know exactly what to choose between a mechanical billboard, a digital billboard and a mobile billboard for example. And you must do the same when choosing between the different physical material of your billboards (Plexiglas, adhesive, PVC, vitrophanie, fabric, etc.).

Business and advertising sign: read more

A business sign is like an advertising medium whose purpose is to shed light on the products, services and brands of a given company. It attracts potential customers and allows current clients to stay loyal. The company sign can be considered as a type of commercial billboard.

The advertising sign is also a form of advertising board that is a smaller size, but which is still advertising. It is therefore an excellent strategy to boost your company’s sales or to strengthen its position in the market. Both the advertising sign and the business sign can be placed both inside and out. The Franprint team is responsible for advising you on the choice of materials to provide you with the most suitable printed materials.

What is the interest of a company sign or advertising sign?

Once personalized, these two tools offer you the possibility to be more visible literally as well as figuratively. More specifically, the brand allows you to stand out when your offices are located in the same place as many other offices of different companies for example.

You can use it to promote your various products and services, to inform any passersby about your cheeses or packages, etc.

What is panel printing?

The customization of the panels is one of the most essential conditions of its effectiveness. It must show that your panel is different from others and make it appear to be more striking than others. And to do this, you can play with the printing of your panels. By choosing your media, your colors and your type of printing (digital, large format, etc.), the latter is a fairly effective way to put your personal touch and to showcase your company and product. You can also stay in an ecological dynamic with the choice of printing.

Franprint specializes in the use of recyclable or recycled materials for the printing of billboards.

Franprint offers printed billboards, useful to all those who want to convey a legal message, commercial, awareness or to make themselves more visible.