Advertising balloon

Good publicity with balloons

Communication is the basis of all human relationships. No domain or activity escapes this immutable rule. For professionals and businesses, communicating is a vital need. Communicating with the public helps to advance business and have good visibility .Communication can be with potential prospects or regular customers, or even with people who do not know anything about a particular company or service. But communication does not necessarily follow fixed rules. It must be adapted to various areas and objectives of your business. How can we communicate effectively?

Communication tools like the advertising balloon

Businesses and communities have many tools at their disposal that allow them to implement their various communication strategies. Let’s review some of them: the advertising objects.

Objects for advertising: the advertising balloon

The concept on which the use of advertising objects is based is very simple:

Your company offers customers and the general public personalized advertising items with a logo or other element;

This object is part of the daily life of the recipient and reminds him every day of your professionalism, your services …

In this way, many companies have managed to reach new prospective clients and to turn them into customers. But, they also manage to retain the customer already acquired by using advertising objects.

Among the advertising objects used, there are:

Electronic and computer objects (mouse, USB keys …);

Office items (notebooks, pens …);

Leather goods (bags, belt …);

Bags and packaging (plastic bags, kraft paper bags …);


Textiles (handkerchiefs, tea towels, tablecloths).

Apart from the various advertising items mentioned, there are the balloons that are most appreciated by professionals to advertise their services or their signs on various occasions. Let’s take a closer look at the personalized balloon so you know a little bit about the interest in advertising.

What is an advertising balloon?

To answer this question, you need to know what the balloon is. It is a small, very thin rubber bag that you blow air into or fill with a light gas until it is round in shape, used for decoration at parties or as a children’s toy that is made from latex. However, the balloon is also the name given to a thin film of rubber. It is this thin film which is used for the manufacture of balloons. These can be customized according to your needs. The balloon was created in 1824 by Michael Faraday, but from 1930, his mass production made it accessible to individuals and professionals.

The advertising balloon can be used by individuals for decoration at various events such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms and other ceremonies of everyday life. In order to use the balloons, they must be inflated either with air or with helium. It should be noted that with helium, the balloons can stay afloat for up to 24 hours.

The balloon advertising: for pros?

Professionals can also use balloons for communication and advertising purposes. Indeed, if you have a business, you can use balloons at promotional events or product launches.

Customized with the logo or with other elements of your company’s products, balloons are advertising objects that attract the attention of everyone. Their bright colors increase their effectiveness in various contexts. For example, it is common for companies to use personalized advertising balloons when distributing flyers.

FRANPRINT offers quality balloons and allows you to have the best advertising balloon that meets your needs.

FRANPRINT, a custom balloon specialist

With FRANPRINT, you can order your balloons with the guarantee of satisfaction every time. Various customization options are indeed offered by this reliable company that puts its expertise at your service.

Various shapes of personalized balloon

FRANPRINT custom balloons can take a variety of forms to meet your needs. You can get a heart helium balloon, a balloon representing an animal, a star balloon … Both sides of your advertising balloons can be personalized according to your requests with text or an image. Digital prints on your advertising balloon can be made with one color. But, if you prefer, it is possible to request a four-color process of good quality.

Natural latex is used for your advertising balloons. The advantage is that the FRANPRINT balloons are completely biodegradable and thus allow you to contribute to constant development. Among the many customization options offered by the FRANPRINT team, there is that of colors that force admiration.

A large color palette for your pub ball

With FRANPRINT, you have at your fingertips many colors to choose for your advertising balloon. Among the various options you have, there are:

White; Ivory; Lemon yellow; Golden yellow; Orange; Candy pink; Pink; Fuchsia; Red; Green; Mint; Turquoise; Sky blue; Royal blue; Navy blue; Lilac; Purple; Chocolate; Black; Grey.

Apart from the custom opaque balloon that FRANPRINT offers, you also have the opportunity to order crystal balloons whose light transparency fits very well with the light effects of your events.

FRANPRINT is a specialist in balloon design that offers you a very good price / quality ratio on all its products. Whether you are planning an inauguration, a product launch or a particular marketing event, do not hesitate to purchase the best custom balloon at FRANPRINT.