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Our Printing techniques

  • Direct Sublimation: An advanced method that produces bright, striking colors, ideal for eye-catching designs.
  • Digital printing: Used to print logos, images or designs precisely onto high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting, vibrant results. This technique uses UV-protected sublimation inks for better color retention.
  • Screen printing: traditional technique using stencils and ink for vibrant, long-lasting prints.

Format and material

  • Custom flags are available in standard sizes like 60×40 cm but can also be printed in custom sizes up to 3 x30 meters (size of a roll of polyester fabric)
  • Advertising flags can reach all sizes thanks to the seams that can be used to assemble different printed parts.
  • The material of the flag is polyester 110 grs/m2

Cutouts and Shapes:

  • Flags can be made in different shapes, such as rectangular flags or banners, providing flexibility in the presentation of messages or graphics.
  • They can be printed on one or both sides, providing versatility for display in various contexts and ensuring visibility from different angles​​. assembly of 2 flags front and back using an opaque material)

Weather Resistance and Finish:

  • UV resistant inks and materials are used to ensure the longevity of the flags, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Options like grommets for easy hanging and reinforced hems are available to improve durability and suitability for repeated use.


The advertising flag

Do you want to captivate new prospects and mark your presence at events? Personalized advertising flags, also known as advertising flames or banners, are an effective way to outperform your competitors and distinguish yourself. With modern printing and design methods, our team helps you showcase your business optimally at every opportunity.

Make your brand known with an advertising flag

Advertising banners are flexible and adapt to various needs. Often, they carry messages, logos or slogans adapted to the targeted advertising campaigns. Generally used to promote products or services, they are also ideal for trade shows and various events. With the possibility of printing on one or two sides, these supports become a popular advertising tool, because a well-sized flag easily captures attention.

What advantages?

These flags or Oriflammes can be hoisted with a solid mast, on poles or on bases of different types. You can also fix them in the ground, depending on your needs.

The sizes of printed advertising flags that are offered vary in a very wide range (from a few tens of cm to several meters), and your custom flags are produced in record time.

The advertising flag: a profitable investment in your communication

Regarding prices, our personalized advertising flags are ideal for economical promotions. Available in various sizes, they effectively target a wide audience. By selecting Franprint for your flags, you benefit from exceptional mesh printing quality. Choose our professionalism for guaranteed satisfaction, and highlight your messages and logos to enhance your image at an advantageous cost.

Opt for the advertising flag

To make the most of the visibility offered by your various promotional activities, or for all kinds of events where you benefit from displaying your colors and your brand, the advertising flag proves to be the appropriate tool. You can enjoy all kinds of designs and sizes depending on your purpose and current needs.

The advertising flags personalized in height are ideal for being visible from afar, and for making an impression. For a company, this promotional item arouses the interest of new potential customers and serves to strengthen the trust of already loyal customers. The personalized flags that we offer here produce an excellent effect, both indoors and outdoors, and offer a particularly successful visual result.

Take advantage of models that are very easy to use and very durable, in order to get the most out of your advertising investments. These communication supports can in fact be assembled or stored very quickly, and their lifespan extends to many years.

Due to their adaptable use to all kinds of occasions and circumstances, professionals from the most diverse sectors quickly adopted personalized flags. Do you want to highlight your business, for example, or raise the level of your event? Order top-notch flags quickly.

Custom flag

Choose FRANPRINT for your custom flag and benefit from advantageous prices and high definition printing. Our responsive service ensures complete satisfaction through attention to detail, on-time delivery, secure transportation, and high-quality materials and finishes. We ensure that each advertising flag produced corresponds precisely to your requirements, thus guaranteeing exceptional quality in line with your expectations.

Outdoor advertising flag

Un advertising flag exterior fluttering in the wind is impossible to miss. These communication media carrying a message undoubtedly attract attention, and their almost constant movement due to the wind further reinforces their appeal.

To display your logo or a message, you can choose between a horizontal flag and a vertical flag, and between different supports.

Extreme conditions subject advertising flags outdoors, so you must carefully consider the value of the sail you are printing your flags on. Our brand offers you high-end products for advertising media that can be used over time.

Advertising Flags: Maximum Visibility

At Franprint, we make it easy to get a personalized outdoor advertising flag, perfect for increasing the visibility of your business or business. With a specific logo or color, our flags guarantee recognition from a distance. Simply determine the size, shape and finishes desired, and take advantage of our expertise in graphics and printing for advice on the ideal model to meet your advertising objectives.

We print personalized advertising flags in classic sizes, lightweight flags that flutter in the wind or printed outdoor flags, specially adapted to areas too exposed to the wind (the latter models offer little wind resistance due to small, well-designed perforations).

A flag displayed outdoors shows great effectiveness: thousands of drivers and pedestrians notice it, and you have complete freedom over the message you want to convey. A nice catchphrase and a meaningful image are enough to make an impression and quickly get your business off the ground.

11 reviews for Advertising flag

  1. Camille Lambert -

    I am very satisfied with my advertising flag. It is of high quality and the visual rendering is superb. Thanks to the whole team !

  2. Manon Dubois -

    My advertising flag arrived quickly and it is magnificent! Thank you to the entire team for their excellent work and professionalism!

  3. Thomas Bertrand -

    My advertising flag arrived quickly and it is superb! The customization is perfect and the quality is excellent. THANKS !

  4. Emilie Martin -

    My advertising flag is superb! The colors are vibrant and the quality of the fabric is excellent. I highly recommend !

  5. Manon Lambert -

    I ordered an advertising flag for my business and it was very well received by my customers. Thank you for your work !

  6. Maxime Dupuis -

    Advertising flag ordered for an event, and it was a real success! Top quality and impeccable customer service.

  7. Thomas martin -

    I am very happy with my advertising flag. The size is perfect and the logo printing is crisp. I highly recommend !

  8. Julie lambert -

    Very satisfied with my advertising flag. It really catches the eye and the personalization is impeccable. THANKS !

  9. Lucas Dupont -

    I am delighted with my personalized tablecloth. The quality is excellent and the printing perfectly matches my expectations.

  10. Anthony Dubois -

    Superb advertising flag! My company logo stands out perfectly and the delivery was quick. I recommend !

  11. Laura martin -

    Advertising flag received and I am impressed by the quality! The colors are bright and the fabric is durable. Perfect !

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