Advertising Wind flag

Advertising Wind flag

In an environment in perpetual motion, the ease and speed of adaptation are qualities that are very useful. This dynamic leads you to innovate and undertake new things in order to fully develop and open yourself to the world. But this policy of openness to others, without a real communication strategy, is just a useless waste of one’s energy. In order to effectively reach the target audience, or even beyond, you need good publicity. This can be done in different ways, including the visual one, one of the most efficient.

It is for this purpose that Franprint proposes to realize your advertising banner. With a site to allow quick and easy contact, Franprint is positioned as one of the first companies in terms of production of advertising banners. In addition, we meet all the conditions of know-how regarding stickers, adhesive lettering, and advertising tarpaulins: in short, all articles requiring expertise in graphic art and textile printing. Advertising is the keystone of your success, we are aware of it. Thus, particular care is put in to the treatment of all your orders so that they are entirely satisfactory to you. As for the delivery, it is also arranged so as to create the best conditions for the acquisition of your flags.

The advantages of a wind flag

The main advantage of the wind flag lies precisely in its great advertising strength to make your business better known. By its more or less large dimensions, it stands up all along its length, and is visible from far away, even by the least curious person. As a result, you are sure not to go unnoticed, and this is a big step towards realizing your dreams. In addition, the wind flag has a practical character. Lightweight and easy to carry, it follows you wherever you go, unlike fixed signs.

Your promotional sales or display at fairgrounds will be better organized and more visible. Can be used indoors and outdoors, the flag is a distinctive sign that allows you to stand out from your competitors and make a difference from the beginning. Finally, you can order several different banners by sending the same message, in order to get more attention from your loyal customers as well as new potential customers. It is therefore easy to realize that the banner flag is a formidable asset in terms of visibility and publicity.

The characteristics of your advertising flag

The ordering, printing and the realization of a flag meets certain standards made by Franprint that offers you the best products possible. Indeed, each component of this accessory requires rigorous work. The sail being the most visible part, the one carrying the message, it is granted even more interest and attention. It should be noted that it is designed on durable and strong fabric to easily withstand the weather and serve you for many years. Better still, the visual motifs are printed with the latest technology in this field, in this case sublimation. This printing method has a double advantage. On the one hand, it effectively impacts the fabric of the sail so as to bring out the colors with a bright and shimmering sparkle. On the other hand, sublimation, as its name suggests, highlights the best of your visual, even after several washes. There is therefore no risk of color deterioration.

In addition, the mast is made of light metal (very often aluminum), but resistant. To all this is attached a rotor device which always places your banner in good position with respect to the wind, thus avoiding any fall.

How to acquire your advertising wind flag

With Franprint, you can get the banner of your choice and especially your dreams in one click. It is enough to define the desired elements (image, visual, size of the flag, shape of the flag, height of the mast), and we take care of preforming the magic that will make you known to the general public.

Depending on the sector of activity and the intended target audience, practical guidance and special touches will be made to your accessory. Your wind flag will be a reflection of the soul of your project.

The expertise and experience of Franprint
in the wind flag

If the beautiful words are soon to fly after being pronounced, it is the act of design, printing and achievement of the product that remain, and are the best ambassadors of the style advocated. That’s why Franprint attaches great importance to the quality of its products. Rich in experience and know-how, the structure ensures you not only original flags, but also resistant and a rare delicacy. From the choice of materials, to design, to the editing and final printing of the visual, Franprint show great professionalism to help create ones product.

The price and delivery of your advertising flag

It is a known trade secret, that quality has a price. But Franprint, pioneering a new way of product production, offers you excellent quality banners at a particularly low price. As for the delivery, it is carried out in a very short time, answering the need of promptness which characterizes the world of communication. In addition, the shipping costs are minimal and you avoid the thought about the payment price of your flag and the expenses required to pay in order to receive your product being double.

We put at your disposal our experience to offer you high quality banners. With high visibility, these accessories allow you to effectively advertise your product. Most important, they are easy to use and durable. Trust Franprint for all your advertising flag orders. Your wishes will be taken into account with every detail. This professionalism is complemented by perfection, very affordable prices and delivery terms among the best on the market.