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Franprint offers posters in different materials and printing techniques:

  1. Paper :
    • Coated Paper : Smooth paper, available in glossy, matte or satin finishes, suitable for quality posters with vivid colors.
    • Offset Paper : Rougher, suitable for writing and posters requiring less shine.
    • Recycled paper : Ecological, for a more sustainable approach.
  2. Tarpaulin (PVC) :
    • Used for outdoor posters, resistant to weather conditions.
  3. Textiles :
    • Varied fabrics such as polyester, offering a durable and resistant print.
  4. Vinyl :
    • Adhesive and durable, often used for outdoor posters and billboards.


Printing Techniques

  1. Serigraph :
    • Ideal for large quantities, uses screens to apply ink to the support. Offers great durability.
  2. Offset printing :
    • Perfect for large volumes, offers high image quality and is economical for large orders.
  3. Digital printing :
    • Suitable for small quantities and custom orders. Offers great flexibility in terms of design.
  4. Inkjet Printing :
    • Enables high-resolution prints, ideal for fine details and a wide range of colors.
  5. Laser Printing :
    • Good for precision and sharpness, best suited to small formats.

Each material and technique has its specific advantages and can be chosen according to the use, budget and quality requirements of the advertising poster.


So, Welcome to Franprint.fr: Your Partner in Printing and Personalized Advertising

In the world of advertising and visual communication, the printed advertising poster stands out as an essential vector of messages. Used to promote products, announce events or raise awareness of causes, its effectiveness is undeniable. At Franprint, we leverage this communicative power by offering tailor-made printing solutions. This article explores the importance of advertising posters and the benefits of collaborating with Franprint.

Advertising Posters: An Essential Means of Communication

THE advertising poster is a medium printed on paper, fabric or other synthetic materials, designed for advertising or propaganda. It has a long history, dating back to the first towns where they were used to inform the population about official decisions and legal texts. Over the centuries, posters were developed to promote shows, political and religious events, and even lotteries.

Today, display advertising is an essential element of commercial communication. Retailers, manufacturers, banks and companies use it to inform their customers about their offers and increase their turnover. However, display advertising can also have a non-profit purpose, serving to raise awareness or reach a specific population.

The composition of an advertising poster

Generally, an advertising poster combines a targeted message, a distinctive logo and an attractive illustration. Initially, the message captures attention with a powerful hook, enriched with key information, convincing arguments and an unforgettable slogan. The logo symbolizes the brand or company, while the illustration, either drawn or photographed, arouses interest by highlighting the benefits of the product or service.

Types of Display Advertising

We offer two main types of advertising displays to print: mobile and fixed. So, mobile display encompasses media such as taxis, vehicles, and public transportation. On the other hand, fixed advertising displays, which are more widespread, include billboards, windows, walls, street furniture, and other dedicated locations.

Our advertising posters exist in several forms, including backlit posters and pasted posters. The first are often installed in built-up areas and attract more attention thanks to their lighting. The posters stuck on street furniture such as public notice boards, facades, corridors, and signs.

The Different Poster Formats

The advertising poster to print is available in several formats to meet the specific needs of each project. At Franprint, we offer a variety of options, including:

  1. 20×30 cm model (A4 format) : Ideal for promotional announcements and events, this format is commonly used on shop windows and on street furniture.
  2. Model 50×70 cm : Perfect for outdoor informational or advertising displays, it is suitable for promotions, sales and various events.
  3. 40×60 model : Equivalent to A2 format, it is reserved for professional use and offers great visibility.
  4. 60×80 cm model (A1 format) : Suitable for advertising panels, it can be printed in Pantone or four-color for maximum impact.
  5. Model 70×100 cm (AO Format) : Intended for advertising panels, it offers exceptional visibility.
  6. Model 29,7 x 42 cm (A3 format) : With a printing surface of 1,250 cm², it is ideal for drawing attention to your message.
  7. Poster 4×3 (4 by 3 meters) : The largest outdoor billboard format, ideal for commercial advertising in major cities.

Printing Modes

At Franprint, we offer two printing methods for your posters: digital printing and offset printing. Therefore, digital printing is ideal for print runs of no more than 500 copies, offering excellent quality at an affordable cost. On the other hand, for posters intended for outdoors, a varnish can be added to ensure better durability.

Offset printing is the solution for large quantities, with the capacity to print up to 30,000 A4 sheets per hour. It is suitable for various media and guarantees quality results.

Poster Materials

The quality of posters greatly depends on the material chosen. At Franprint, our selection includes paper, fabric, PVC and non-woven. The versatile textile poster is suitable both indoors and outdoors. The glossy paper, shiny and resistant to humidity, is perfect for events and promotions. The offset paper guarantees high quality printing, and the premium coated paper is suitable for multiple uses.

Why Choose Franprint for Your Advertising Posters?

  1. Wide Range of Formats : We offer a variety of formats to meet all your advertising display needs.
  2. Various Print Modes : You have the choice between digital printing and offset printing, depending on the quantity you want to print.
  3. Quality Materials : We use a range of high quality materials to ensure durable and attractive posters.
  4. Custom Design : Our team of designers can help you create custom posters that match your brand image.
  5. Full Service : At Franprint, we support you from the design to the printing of your posters, including media planning and communication strategy in the process.

Contact Us Today

At Franprint, we are firmly committed to providing the best personalized printing and advertising solutions for your business. So, if you are looking to make your business more visible or convey a powerful message, I encourage you not to hesitate to contact us. Request a quote now and find out how Franprint can turn your ideas into impactful print advertising posters.

FAQ about Advertising Posters

1. What are the benefits of display advertising for my business?

Display advertising helps attract the attention of your target audience, then promote your products and services, followed by increasing the visibility of your business and finally encouraging action.

2. What poster formats are most suitable for my advertising campaign?

The choice of format depends on your message, your budget and your location. Common sizes include A4, 50x70cm, A2, A1, AO, A3 and 4x3.

3. What are the advantages of digital printing over offset printing for posters?

Digital printing is ideal for smaller runs and is more economical, while offset printing is better for larger quantities and offers higher quality.

4. What materials are available for poster printing at Franprint?

We offer a range of materials including paper, fabric, PVC, non-woven, glossy paper, offset paper and coated paper.

5. How can I get a quote for my personalized advertising posters?

To obtain a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact us today, either by filling out our online form or by calling us. So, in either case, our team will be happy to help you.


Advertising posters remain an effective visual communication tool. At Franprint, we offer a wide range of printing solutions to suit your advertising requirements. With various formats and cutting-edge printing techniques, our committed team is ready to turn your concepts into impactful creations. Contact us so we can help you captivate your audience in a remarkable and effective way.

Do you have an advertising display project in mind? Contact Franprint now to get a personalized quote and start getting your message across in an impactful way!

The 5 Main Advantages of Display Advertising

  1. Maximum Visibility : Posters capture the public's attention in the busiest areas, ensuring maximum visibility for your message.
  2. Effective Promotion : They allow you to promote your products, services or events effectively, attracting the interest of potential customers.
  3. Diversity of Formats : With a variety of formats available, you can choose the one that best suits your message and budget.
  4. Personalization : Posters can be fully customized to reflect your branding and specific needs.
  5. Call to Action : Display advertising encourages the public to take action, whether to purchase a product, attend an event or support a cause.

Technical Characteristics of Franprint Posters

  • Available formats: A4, 50×70 cm, A2, A1, AO, A3, 4×3
  • Printing modes: Digital and Offset
  • Materials available: Paper, fabric, PVC, non-woven, glossy paper, offset paper, coated paper

At Franprint, we provide you with a complete range of options for creating impactful advertising posters to print. Thanks to our varied formats, our quality printing methods and our expertise in personalization, you are guaranteed to obtain exceptional results. So get your message across in style with Franprint!


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    Je suis très satisfait de mes affiches personnalisées. Elles ont été réalisées avec une grande attention aux détails.

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    The advertising posters I ordered arrived quickly and were exactly what I wanted. Thank you for your excellent work!

  3. Sarah Bernard -

    The custom posters I ordered are simply perfect. They were carried out with great professionalism.

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    Advertising posters are perfect! They look professional and really helped draw attention to our event.

  5. Lea Dubois -

    Very satisfied with my personalized posters. They were delivered quickly and are of exceptional quality.

  6. Maxime Lefevre -

    The advertising posters arrived quickly and in perfect condition. They are now proudly displayed in our store.

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    Our personalized posters were a real hit at our last event. Thank you for your professionalism !

  8. Manon Girard -

    The advertising posters I ordered are simply perfect. They have attracted the attention of many potential customers.

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    I am delighted with my personalized posters. They brought a professional touch to my event.

  10. Claire Bernard -

    Impeccable customer service and fast delivery. My advertising posters arrived in perfect condition and corresponded exactly to my expectations.

  11. Thomas leroy -

    I ordered several advertising posters for my business and I am impressed by the quality of the result. Well done !

  12. Marc Dubois -

    I highly recommend these advertising posters. They are impactful and attract attention like never before.

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    the advertising posters arrived on time and of good quality
    very well
    I recommend

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