Advertising tent

Choose advertising tents as a
communication tool

People traveling to remote areas, those on long hikes or even camping enthusiasts know that there is an indispensable tool for any good camper or hiker. These include the tent. This is the ultimate place of rest after a busy day. So you understand the almost indispensable role that the tent plays in the course of camping or a hike.

However, it is possible to give a special touch to your tent by opting for an advertising tent. Indeed, it is about giving your tent the colors that identify your company, your brand or your products. This excellent communication tool can be mastered by using the professionals in the field, that is to say Franprint.

The tent for all events

You should know that tents are not only useful at campsites, hikes and other outings of this kind. Thus, you can also use tents to decorate your various events.

This is an option that will leave a lasting impression during the course of your various events. Similarly, a tent is an object to which one cannot remain indifferent. The mere fact of its presence during a demonstration is enough to captivate everyone’s attention.

The ally of sports events

Speaking of events, we cannot neglect the sport component. Thus, sports events are times when the use of tents finds recovers all its marks of nobility. Indeed, there are several uses that you can use during these events. No matter the sport, the discipline or the affluence, the tents have an undeniable economic character. As a result, this is a solution that you should think about in principle. Also, you can adapt the tents according to their destination. Thus, given the space on which they will be used, a fitted framework is provided in their design.

When it comes to sport, you can make your stands and podiums highly admirable places through the use of tents. These allow you to obtain cover of your path and some protection against the rays of the sun and possible bad weather. With this framework, it should be noted that the tents proposed by Franprint not only have a subliminal aesthetic character, but also benefit from a resistance to any test. They are therefore perfect objects for a serene use without worrying about any inconvenience that Mother Nature may cause you.

The event and event tent

You are about to organize the launch of a new product, participation in a trade show, a corporate anniversary. You wish that at all costs this day will be unforgettable and remain in everybody’s memories for a long time. So, you need to think about providing your prospective clients with a dream setting in which they will be delighted. This is what Franprint offers you through its tents with a magical design that plunges all guests into a festive atmosphere. So you will find at Franprint solutions that have been adapted to all your needs.

In addition, it is useful to note that the tents provided by Franprint are compatible with both indoor and outdoor use. So you do not have to worry about where your event will take place. Just let us know, and we’ll put our skills and services at your disposal. Also, it should be noted that you can modify your order at your leisure. As a result, different sizes and shapes are taken into account in the realization and production of the tents at Franprint. You will only be left with the challenge of deciding what the ideal choice to make is.

An inflatable tent adaptable to all your needs

During a trip with family or friends, remember to bring a tent to shelter you at sunset. Thus, inflatable tents are an excellent means of protection against the various hazards that can occur. In addition, these tents have undeniable advantages for any individual accustomed to adventures. Indeed, it must be said that these tents are very easy to move. So you can take them with you for your trips without feeling the weight of such an object. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the indescribable comfort that the inflatable tents that are offered by FRANPRINT. You will experience true fulfillment and an incredible pleasure by resting under the shelter of these tents.

The inflatable tent at 4 to 6 feet

Franprint offers waterproof tents with excellent resistance.

In addition, different forms are available and you can leave room for your imagination with regards to the type of communication tools you have at your disposal like for example a wonderful tent.

Our standard sizes range from 4×4 meters to 8×8 meters; with 4, 5 or 6 feet; therefore 4, 5 or 6 entrances.

Re-energize communication with advertising tents

A company must have a very important place in the management of its visibility. Thus, the maintenance of your image is a key success factor for the prosperity of your activities. Communication plays a key role in the implementation of the brand image. Stand out now from your competitors by making a prestigious choice. It’s about getting advertising tents that will spread your commercial message to the greatest number of prospective clients.

Indeed, we must note that we offer a very advanced service in terms of advertising tents. This is to offer you a very high quality print that you can modify according to your preferences. The media used for this type of printing is among the best on the market and therefore ensures an optimal result. Make the decision to make advertising tents your ultimate marketing tool.