Advertising umbrella

FRANPRINT: leader of promotional umbrellas

Franprint is a printing company that has been serving its customers for many years. It puts at your disposal the best offers and services for all your printing needs, and accompanies you from the design to the installation of the equipment. You benefit from a wide choice of customizable printing products such as the parasol.

Specialist in advertising umbrellas, Franprint exalts your events, values your brand, not to mention your business or your premises. Franprint prints in digital HD (from a room) or screen printing (large volumes). The company has great expertise in the field: printing, making, shipping and installation.

You are guaranteed to benefit from quality products.

The customized umbrella is ideal for all events.

The advertising umbrella is a tool that can be used for all types of events: summer activities, sports, etc. It has the distinction of being customizable. The custom or printed umbrella is either round or square. We offer you umbrellas with high quality raw materials and frames that have been skilfully selected for advertising (fabric, fireproof treatment). You also have a wide selection of accessories for promotional umbrellas. Advertising umbrellas are necessary tools for all your communication needs to the general public! Order your promotional umbrella on Franprint to get a free quote.

Keep your customers out of the sun while taking advantage of the bargain to promote your products and services, as well as your brands. By fully enjoying the outdoors, their attention will be captured by your image. Your visibility is automatically optimized, because you would have opted for a display on the outside face of the umbrella. The printed umbrella is ideal for outdoor spaces, balconies, gardens, the beach, festivals or other outdoor events. It offers you a triple use: protection, decoration and advertising.

Located in the hospitality, the advertising umbrella is perfect to create a personalized atmosphere while showing pride and exuberance your colors and in your logos. Like many other objects, the umbrella has become a 100% advertising tool. Used and seen by more and more people, it is an excellent communication medium that easily captures the attention when it has been done by professionals. You can opt for a sunshade or umbrella with center mast. The deported sunshade has a mast that is out of the shadow surface. It is suitable for garden sets or outdoor tables. It is thus easy to turn and move. The umbrella with a centered mast is classic and as its name suggests, the mast on which the canvas is fixed is in the center. It offers the advantage of stability and better weather resistance.

Umbrella logo: give yourself a better visibility

Having your logo printed on a canvas or umbrella is no longer a luxury for companies, but a real necessity. Indeed, it allows customers or prospective clients to recognize or identify with the brand. You can install your logo umbrella on the terrace or at the entrance of the company’s website. Franprint is the solution for all companies that want to offer umbrellas flanked by their logo. It has the best tools and printers to create and deliver a result beyond expectations.

Digital and screen printing are the two printing techniques used. The tracing process has the advantage of being fast and significantly less expensive when it comes to small quantities of prints. It is possible to make a grand-dyed impression and to integrate metallic colors. However, with this technique, the choice of colors is very limited. A logo that has more than three colors cannot be printed. Unlike screen printing, color is more affected by UV radiation. Silkscreen as it is offers attractive prices for large orders. All colors can be supported and as we announced earlier, the colors are less affected by UV radiation. It also incorporates the grand-tone impression. This process is however slower than tracing.

Printed umbrella: initiate your orders
according to your preferences

Franprint can print elegant promotional umbrellas that will seduce you. These umbrellas will surprise with their variety of formats and models. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you are looking for a printed beach umbrella that will reflect the values ​​of your company or event, trust Franprint to create round, rectangular or square umbrellas. Depending on the use and where you want to install it, Franprint offers you a suitable frame made of stained and varnished wood or white painted aluminum, as well as an opening system with handle or rope with pulley.

As for umbrella stands, you can choose from a wide range always available depending on the use. If you do not want to clutter your feet for comfort, you can also opt for the installation of ground anchors. Regarding the canvas, all materials are polyester. The canvases are of high quality and protect against the sun and water. They are waterproof. The quality of the fabrics used by Franprint ensures their durability. The canvases do not fade and keep their hue very long.

To conclude, the customization of your umbrella depends on various factors. It is clear that your preferences and tastes are the first indicators. You choose according to your ideas, and the printing company takes care of doing the rest. If you cannot decide, you can trust our professionals to advise you in order to acquire the right umbrella. You benefit from advice of people with proven experience who can answer all your questions and needs.