Cardboard display

The cardboard display: a real
advertising tool to have

The cardboard display is a communication tool that is designed to present and store different types of products or documents. It can be used on a table, counter or floor. The various staircase-shaped tablets that make it up make it possible to install postcards, brochures, leaflets and other articles that can provide information on a product or service offered by a given structure. It also has a pediment that allows one to communicate on the article it presents. You can then, for the visibility of your structure and items position several of these cardboard displays on your desk, your counter or on the floor. It depends on the goal you are aiming for. There are moreover several models of this advertising instrument. This is to say that there is something for everyone. In order to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of the many business and other professionals who are struggling to take off and prosper, this instrument of advertising on site from a highly qualified expertise was put to the service of organization.

In addition, the different models of cardboard display that are offered by our organization have a better quality-price ratio. It is also one of the best communication media in terms of advertising. It allows users to communicate about the products or services they offer to their customers. You can now offer quality cardboard displays to your organization, at an unbeatable price. So, if you choose to make a clear difference between you and your competitors, opt for the cardboard display that will be designed according to your requirements. Give a unique visual to your products or services. Despite this advertising tool, depending on your objectives, you can choose other communication tools for all your products.

POS packaging: perfect marketing and communication
tools for the prosperity of your business

The POS is a real communication and marketing tool that is needed for organizations that want a bigger business turnover. It allows you to advertise your place of business, which is to say at the point of sale by displaying your brand. It has many advantages. This advertising tool is characterized by its ease of use and by its design which allows you to get your message across. It is the most important communication tool for a better communication strategy on the spot. It is a marketing tool that allows companies to increase their sales.

It allows you to communicate to potential customers about your business and make it more visible. You have the possibility to acquire all the types of POS that you wish to have, because there are several models. They are small and medium wavy series. Today, this instrument appears as an excellent means of communication that creates a perfect relationship between the consumer and the brand of the product presented. Located in front of your stand, on the street or in front of your window, it gives you excellent visibility and greater presence of your products. The same applies to packaging, which is also a real communication medium that informs consumers about the quality of the product they are packaging. For your communication operations, choose the advertising tools that allow you to reduce your expenses in terms of advertising and communication around your products.

You have a very wide range of these communication tools at unbeatable prices. Besides the price-quality ratio of our PLV cartons, no longer needs to be proved.

The totem framework structure promotion for
the realization of your POS cardboard

The totem promotion offers you the solution you need to make your business more competitive. It represents the ideal solution that allows you to give more visibility to your business. Franprint designs, manufactures and prints all kinds of cardboard POS that can allow you to talk about your products at the place of sale. And to do this, we use the latest printing technology such as recycled cardboard or more resistant cellular PVC. With its team of creators, Franprint offers personalized and customized manufacturing service.

We offer you great quality products at very low prices. From PDF prototypes we make every effort to carry out your projects by offering you the visibility and the marketing of your products, the POS, the cardboard display stand, the exhibition stand and other display elements while taking into account your expectations.

For your POS design: quote online

The POS which is proposed to you is in cardboard. It is easy to use and has an excellent design for better communication about your products. It is designed from the latest printing technology. With our graphic designers and our designers, you will have a manufacturing service that will provide you with personalized objects. They work to provide you with a POS that will meet your expectations. It is no longer necessary to randomly start the manufacture of your POS. You have to do it with print professionals, and you’ll be pointing out your products at the place of sale.

For this purpose, you can easily make your orders by email and leave with high quality products at a bargain price. From now on, maximize your turnover through this marketing channel, because the reputation of our POS cardboard, no longer needs to be proved. For your POS design, ask for a quote for your project. You will receive a reply in the minutes following your request for a free quote. Do not hesitate and start your orders; our designers will listen to you and help you realize exactly what the product is you need for the prosperity of your organization.