Custom adhesive labels

Custom adhesive labels

Adhesive labels are now very present in companies. They occupy a large place in the visual identity of companies and in their communication. Labels can be found on many everyday consumer products, be it food or cosmetics, for example. Similarly, in the fields of transport or industry, adhesive labels are useful for the most varied uses.

Personalized adhesive labels made by Franprint are easily bonded anywhere and can help you quickly identify everything at home, for example.

With all the sizes that are available to choose from, your custom adhesive labels can be stuck on luggage, bottles and all kinds of smooth objects. The customization possibilities are very large, from the color of your label to its shape. You have a very wide choice between the writings, the print materials and the multiple illustrations proposed.

Your custom adhesive labels are tailor-made, and all the technical information you provide is taken into account for the perfect design and completion of your orders. You can choose the format of your custom adhesive labels, their material and quantity.

Franprint stands out as your supplier of adhesive reference labels: order your custom adhesive labels on plain paper, your custom adhesive labels on cardboard, your personalized adhesive labels on plastic or on synthetic material, according to your specific needs. Similarly, with the same finishes and requirements, you can order your custom labels, but not adhesive, if you wish. We strive to meet all your needs and ensure complete satisfaction.


Order your pro labels with Franprint

Franprint takes care of printing your pro labels and at low prices. You can easily place orders online for all types of pro labels and enjoy a truly unbeatable price. Looking for a company for regular printing of your pro labels? For food products and sundries, do not hesitate to call on the expertise of our teams. They are experienced printers and technicians who offer you the best products on the market thanks to state-of-the-art machines.

Your pro labels will surprise you with their print quality and precise cutting and shape. You can opt for an addition of gloss varnish on your pro labels, which will increase the external resistance.

It is not necessary to go around the professionals of the field. Your orders are quickly taken care of, no matter how many labels you order and requirements you need.

Label creation

On food products for example, the label acts as a communication medium that allows the buyer to collect the correct information on the product. A label allows consumers to differentiate between products and brands in order to make a choice. Many consumers rely on the details listed (ingredients, materials used, expiry date, etc.) on the labels before purchasing certain items. The label also plays a big role of promotion and advertising. It is therefore important for brands to create labels in perfect harmony with their desires. Do you want to design your own labels to be sure to materialize your ideas faithfully? Nothing is easier on

You can make your choice among many types of adhesive labels personalized or not, and proceed quickly to their order. Creating your labels can be done in just a few clicks. Just provide the text you want to print, choose the tones and colors, and shapes, and adjust your settings based on the results.

Our team accompanies you from one end to the other for your label creation. Our teams provide you with valuable tips to help you create the label that’s right for you. The high quality of printing Franprint offers you, guarantees obtaining labels normal or personalized that are very satisfactory. Take care of your brand and design labels that look exactly like you require without compromising your product.

Creating your personal labels will take much less time than you might think. You can very well be inspired by models designed by our teams, to make changes if you wish.

Our proposed prices are really advantageous. Define and create your labels with peace of mind.

Label in roll

Opt for adhesive or non-adhesive labels in rolls, which can be rolled out one by one for your various needs. You can choose the most diverse printing techniques according to your budget and the expected results. For example, we offer fast printing and thermal transfer using first-class marking machines and labelers. You can find all kinds of label formats in rolls, from the most common formats that can be used in merchandise marking to the less common formats.

For your orders, you need to specify the number of labels that are needed for each roll. Your labels are made of the most suitable materials according to the uses you require to suit your needs perfectly. Franprint guarantees perfect adherence of its roll labels on all kinds of surfaces. Labels can also be easily removed from all media if needed. You should know that the paper that is chosen for your labels is of a very high quality, the goal being to guarantee prints with the sharpest contours possible. The winding techniques of your labels are very elaborate and allow you an easy use. Make the choice to work with experts in the design and printing of your custom adhesive labels.