Custom battery

The personalized battery,
effective advertising tool

Communication is one of the most important variables at the heart of private and professional human relations. It is therefore important to find ways to get the information through. For businesses, as well as professionals, it’s all a matter of success and failure. Various tools are used by companies to advertise their activities. These various tools are used for digital marketing strategies or physical marketing. For physical marketing, among the tools used, there are advertising objects and more specifically here, custom batteries, chargers or a power bank.

Our advertising objects

Advertising objects are also called goodies. These are varied objects that are personalized and offered to current customers or potential customers of a company or a profession. The purpose of using promotional items is to promote a product or the activities of a business. For this reason, the customizations that are made on advertising objects are often related to logos, inscriptions, slogans or images representing products and services.

Given the fact that advertising objects are increasingly used by professionals and businesses, we have selected a few that we offer to our customers. If this is so, it is this selection of products, which will allow you to reach unsuspected audiences and be present daily in the lives of customers and prospective customers.

What to choose as advertising objects?

If you have to mention all the advertising objects that are available on the market, a long list of objects will have to be made. Among the promotional items that Franprint has selected for you, there are:

  • Textiles
  • Office automation articles;
  • Computer and high-tech objects: the custom battery
  • The small appliances …

Computer and high-tech objects (e.g.: the advertising battery)

We live in the digital age and for that, computer objects as well as high-tech inventions are part of everyone’s life. Computer accessories and high-tech gadgets are therefore preferred tools for advertising. Among those most used, there are:

  • The mouse;
  • Keyboards;
  • The positioning mouse;
  • The Power bank …

With the wide variety of promotional items on the market available to businesses and professionals, there is no doubt that you will find what you need to promote your image. Let’s talk about the option of power bank advertising and services that Franprint offers you if you want to use an advertising feeder for your marketing strategies.

The advertising battery by FRANPRINT

Power banks are being used more and more by everyone because of their practical use on a daily basis. Nobody can move around with one of the electrical outlets from ones house or apartment. But, the technological tools we use on a daily basis need energy to work, and their internal batteries sometimes get empty or deteriorate! The external battery is therefore the solution that can help everyone.

When you offer a custom battery to your customers, they can use it every day and remember more often about your services and products. That’s why Franprint offers you the external battery you need.

The customization options that are within your reach allow you to have an advertising feeder whose capacity varies between 2000 mah and 10 000 mah. So you can offer the charger for a smartphone, but also for a tablet. Several models and shapes are available so that you can make the choice that best meets the expectations of your audience. To satisfy everyone, Franprint even offers the custom iPhone charger.

Customization is by screen printing or pad printing, from 1 color to a four-color process or laser engraving.

With Franprint and the custom battery, your visibility is guaranteed