Custom carpets

The custom carpet as a communication tool

The decoration of any place that respects itself requires the inevitable presence of carpets on the ground. Thus, whether it is carpet or mat, the presence of these various ornaments has several different uses. These are not only decorative objects, but also accessories that serve to clean your living environment or work. The use of carpets in companies or in any other organization can take on another dimension.

Indeed, you can impact your visitors by leaving them with a lasting first impression well before they even enter the company. It may sound utopian, but be aware that the use of a custom rug is a great way to make a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

The personalized doormat: an object of protection and communication

The use of a carpet is very common to many companies. Similarly, placing a doormat at the entrance of the organization to provide protection against dirt and grime is a fairly common practice. But, aside from the cleanliness aspect, know that you can do more with a simple doormat. You have the possibility to modify this mat to integrate your own colors or those of your organization. You will be able to give a cheerful, friendly and enthusiastic appearance to your entrance simply thanks to a personalized doormat. It is also a sign of distinction that will allow you to show prestige in the eyes of the customer. Franprint is willing to accompany you in this prestigious ambition.

The development of your communication strategy has surely provided for the use of mass media or new technologies. What you have surely forgotten to take into account is the impacting character of a simple image or a message that is delicately printed in the customer’s mind, it’s the marketing feat that a personalized door mat makes for you. Without even realizing it, the customer gets to know the message written on the mat and integrates it into his mind. This is a mechanism that changes consumption patterns in your favor.

The partner for the realization of a quality advertising door mat

It should be noted that a professional like Franprint gives you the means to realize your advertising objectives. Thus, to improve your visibility by using custom doormats, make your order at Franprint, and you will be the lucky beneficiaries of all the know-how available with it. Indeed, we offer an adequate technical solution that best meets your every need. There is little point in procrastinating in the search for the style of carpet or doormat that will benefit you. We take care to guide you in your choice through a wide range of carpets among which you can easily make a decision.

In addition, thanks to all the experience Franprint has in custom textile, it can also help you maintain your carpet. It must be said that the longevity of the latter depends greatly on the care you give to its maintenance. Thus, to avoid being surprised by premature deterioration of your carpet and so that it can keep its properties for a long time, we inform you of the proper maintenance techniques.

Carpet advertising: promotional interface of your organization

Both an object of cleanliness and a communication tool, the advertising doormat is an excellent tool to have within your organization. Thus, it must be said that the advertising nature of the mat can be assessed at different levels. You must know that various techniques exist to showcase such a mat. For example, you can print a slogan, a logo, or any other image or text related to your products or services.

You will be able to witness a real increase in your sales since you communicate about the products or services, without even deploying salesmen and without investing in big advertising campaigns. In addition, it must be emphasized that the option of advertising mats is much more beneficial for your portfolio. Indeed, a provider such as Franprint offers customization of these mats at very affordable prices that you cannot resist. You will be able to achieve huge savings by opting for an innovative method of communication such as this one.

Increase your customer market thanks
to the personalized doormat

You should know that advertising mats can be used as gifts to offer. Indeed, far from being a mere present that you offer to your best customers, it is a strategy to improve your visibility and broaden your customer database. It must be said that a customer to whom you offer a personalized doormat (which contains inscriptions related to your organization or your products and services) will place it for sure at the entrance of his/her apartment or his/her house.

Thus, this client advertises you without knowing it, because each of its visitors will discover your attributes, and you will gain more visibility. So choose the custom doormats that are better seen and therefore create better sales.

Customize your doormat fabric

In order to have the best in custom matting, Franprint is committed to using the highest quality fabrics in its fabrications. In the same way, the best equipment is used so that the inscription on the fabric can take a gratifying design. You have the opportunity to choose between an entrance mat or a custom doormat and a carpet that will be made according to your wishes. Note that we allow you to integrate different colors and all the messages you want on your custom carpets. In addition, the use of custom theme rugs is also a common practice. These include choosing between predefined themes, one that fits most with the atmosphere you want to create.

Personalized carpet retail

Custom carpets can also be revisited to specify certain technical details in the customization of this textile. So you can choose to opt for door mats with borders or even without borders if this is your desire.

In addition, it should be noted that the mats offered by Franprint have a high resistance to various types of friction and are dustproof. It is therefore a surface that does not wear out in the face of intensified use. So enter the big leagues by inserting custom carpets into your marketing strategy.