Custom inflatable balloon

FRANPRINT, the expert of the giant balloon

Various objects can be used for decoration and for advertising. Among these items, the giant advertising balloon is used and appreciated by individuals and professionals. Let’s take a look at what makes it so charming, and how it can be used by businesses and professionals to advertise and promote their products or services.

The custom inflatable balloon, the perfect tool for advertising

Getting good visibility is important for businesses, but it’s not an easy thing to do. For this, they often organize advertising campaigns and launching parties during which there is an important communication about the products as well as the services offered. We need to highlight the information we want to share with current customers, prospective new ones and the rest of the public. So you need media whose size is large enough to be easily visible from afar. But, outside of the size, it is also necessary to choose a type of communication that can be easily personalized anytime.

Among the most reliable and effective communication tools that companies have within reach and that meet these criteria is the custom inflatable balloon. The balloon can indeed be easily personalized and this allows you to use it for advertising purposes. In addition, there are various sizes of balloons. The balloons, even though their size may be relatively small, are also available in large models whose diameter may be around one to six meters. Both sides of a giant balloon can be personalized by digital printing. For this, your logos, images of your products and elements of the graphics of your company can be used. You will have a perfect giant advertising balloon.

This “balloon” can take on a round shape, or a cube, or an airship or a specific shape.

What does the FRANPRINT team offer you for
the big advertising balloon?

Franprint is a company that offers you its services for the design of various advertising objects. Among these items, there is the personalized advertising balloon. To satisfy its professional clientele, we offer the personalized balloon in various shapes and sizes. Thus, you have balloons whose diameter varies from 40 centimeters to 6 meters. In addition, you have various colors at your disposal and the ability to print the balloons in full four-color process.

With Franprint, you have at your fingertips anything from red to blue through to green and other colors with which you can make a quality assortment with your graphic. Among the other options you have at your disposal, there is the choice of an opaque or crystalline (slightly transparent) color. Pastel colors are also available at Franprint. The giant balloons are sold individually, but you can also buy them in quantity and enjoy a discount in price. Save money on your big balloon purchases. The balloons are not only for advertising, they are also useful for decoration.

The balloon for a perfect wedding decor

Among the various uses you can make of giant balloons, there is the use of decoration during your wedding ceremony. Indeed, used in a cluster or alone, the giant balloon is very useful for decoration during festivities and various ceremonies such as the celebration of a wedding. Very simple and economical to use, the custom inflatable balloon allows you to have an original idea for your wedding decor. Of course, you will have to be original and creative so that these balloons can help represent you on your big day and showcase the reception room.

FRANPRINT: various forms of custom helium balloons

The giant balloon has a diameter of nearly two meters, which is the standard size. It will not go unnoticed when you need to use it for the decoration of an event room. Franprint offers balloons that you can inflate with helium so they can float in the air with ease and grace. Garlands, flags or ribbons attached to large balloons provide a nice medium of communication, the impact of which will amaze you.

Whether you have a business or you need an original decoration, Franprint is at your service for the design of a big advertising balloon and giant helium balloon of your choice.

The custom shaped inflatable balloon

giant inflated balloon from Franprint can be customized to look like a cube. See that the balloons offered by Franprint have a large size (up to 6x2x3 meters), you can easily use them for communication of your product or activity to a very large audience. Inflating your cubes with helium is the best choice for perfect volumes.