The personalized sticker at
your fingertips

The concern for visibility is a problem shared by many modern companies. Indeed, in an atmosphere of high competitiveness, it is important to use all means necessary to raise awareness about a company, its products and services.

Thus, Franprint establishes itself as a reference provider that can ensure you better visibility through the realization of personalized sticker. It must be said that this type of means of communication has existed for many years. However, it should be noted that Franprint brings its special touch to offer you better visibility. These include offering you high quality stickers.

The vitrophanie for a continual presence

Franprint offers you various ways to disseminate your image or that of your products and services. Thus, your showcase is an ideal place to pass advertising information to a large audience. Indeed, an inestimable number of people spend every day in front of your window for sure.

These are all potential customers that Franprint helps you to captivate by putting personalized stickers at low prices right in front of them.

A vitrophanie technique mastered

The vitrophanie is the result of a process that allows you to get stickers on your shop window that can be displayed from both the inside and the outside.

To achieve this fascinating result, it is necessary to cover the face of the sticker printed with a coating if possible resistant to ultraviolet rays. Then, to this product, a transparent adhesive and protective paper are added. Once all these tasks are done, it is then possible to remove the protective paper to get the window ready to use. So you can put it on the part of your window where the message will be most perceived.

The assurance of quality stickers

With Franprint, you can be sure to get stickers of impeccable quality. The best equipment and skills to meet your highest requirements are available to offer you exceptional service. Thus, you can trust the digital printing talents of Franprint to communicate with your target customers in all circumstances. Indeed, the holidays are times when many companies, stores, malls and other structures spend large amounts for advertising and greetings. Distinguish yourself now by opting for a much more economical way of communication through the stickers available at Franprint.

A wide range of stickers

Both the opportunities for communication are varied, as is the need for stickers also. Thus, Franprint offers you a panoply of possible choices to make in terms of stickers. Know that we are here to give life to all your advertising ambitions that go through the stickers. Therefore, you only need to express your needs so that the appropriate stickers are available. Note that communication must be based on a well-developed strategy in advance. Some key points are essential to communicate your message and get it across easily. It will be essential to highlight these points on your stickers.

Personalize the stickers with
your photos and logos

Some of the key things you can use directly to personalize and give value to your stickers include photos. These are most often instant developers of the product on which you want to communicate or the image of your company that you would like to raise awareness. Thus, photos are elements that must be put on your stickers to improve the impact reflected on the target audience.

Also, you can print your logo on the stickers. This includes giving better visibility to your main visual identity. If you want your brand or logo to be on everyone’s mind and to be seen wherever you go, personalized stickers will be very useful. Similarly, applying custom stickers to your logo on your packaging or on the gifts you offer is also a strategy that will give a good commercial result.

Various ideas of stickers

If you do not have a fixed idea of what you want as stickers, know that there are pre-established solutions that will always brighten you up. So, to enhance your interior decoration for example or to give a new look and a new design to your car, theme stickers will surely please you. You can choose between a wide range of stickers such as sports, the sea, hunting, fishing and many others.

Also, you must know that the realization of stickers with lettering is one of the specialties of Franprint. So you can choose to build the message that you like with stickers formed just letters. It is also a fairly innovative method for vehicles for example. We also propose this lettering system with a transparent resin dome on the letters.

Dream big with the large sticker

Know that Franprint has made custom sticker digital printing its mark of nobility. So, whatever the size of your ambitions or the nature of your needs, Franprint has the necessary means to give you complete satisfaction. To do this, you have the option of ordering large format stickers. These can be perfectly adapted to your advertising needs.

Indeed, it must be said that to get a longer message with much more detail, it becomes essential to use more extensive dimensions of sticker. No problem to do so for this purpose! Simply communicate the format that suits you best and Franprint will do the rest. Also, it is useful to specify that several types of media are used by Franprint. These include bench vinyl, transparent vinyl, matte, shiny monomer or white polymer vinyl. Given the quality of the different material we use, the personalized stickers that are available have a long life of up to ten years of use.

It is therefore time to opt for our services, to obtain the best quality of stickers that easily communicate your different needs.