Custom usb key

Custom USB key

Digital media plays a very important role today in companies, but also in one’s home. To store movies, share a file from one computer to another, or from the PC to the TV, you often need support that can be used quickly and without constraints. The USB key is proving to be the ideal tool. Easy to transport and use, it is certainly the most ergonomic and efficient digital support of the moment.

For your business, you can opt for the use of a personalized USB key to enhance your visibility both within your organization and outside. To do this, you can print a customized USB key to make them the advertising tools of choice, but also a reference gift idea to offer to your customers, employees, partners, etc.

For the best service at the best price, contact Franprint, the expert in manufacturing custom USB sticks and all kinds of personalized online tools.

An undeniable work tool

The USB key has quickly become a must everywhere. Better than external hard drives that are not always practical and who need a USB cable to be connected to another digital medium, the USB key stands out for its speed of operation and its ability to keep all types of files. It also represents a real database on which you can store confidential documents.

All you have to do is opt for a medium whose storage capacity is in line with the documents and other types of files to store.

With a personalized USB key, you will make your partners want to always talk about your company wherever they are. In addition, you will advertise yourself within your working circle, avoiding USB sticks that are neutral or that advertise other companies or brands, since you have made them to represent your image.

Communication of the company with a personalized USB key

The USB key customization is certainly one of the best communication ideas by which the use of an object is applied. Through this type of support, you do indeed talk about you, you easily popularize your brand or your logo and you have more chances to reach all layers of society, since everyone uses USB sticks these days.

USB stick ad: an effective advertising tip

Advertising is a major issue that allows you to rise to the same level as the largest companies in the world. The more you make yourself known, the more you gain notoriety and the more chances you have to increase your customer data base. Also, all means are good to be known. Advertising takes many forms, and the best known are not always the most effective.

Using a USB key to advertise your brand is to put the odds on your side in order to interest the greatest number by a multi-purpose and effective utility.

Doctors, entrepreneurs, students and mothers: everyone needs a USB key at one time or another. It is therefore the opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

Whenever an employee of your company, a partner, or yourself use a custom USB stick in public, it helps to reinforce your image to the public.

But, the interest of manufacturing custom USB key does not stop there.

A variety of gift ideas

In a business that makes working conditions and harmony among workgroups a priority, it is customary to make gifts, especially on specific occasions. Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve, etc… Are all occasions you have to prove to your partners and employees that you are a good boss and associate. For such occasions, offering a USB key with an advertising promotion is the ideal gift that conveys the message of communication and reinforces the situation when the members of a group or society are united and their love of work in business and within teams.

Similarly, if you decide to make promotions for your customers during your various work services, you can offer a personalized USB key to show your gratitude for their loyalty and guarantee their satisfaction.

For that, you have to trust the best company specialized in the manufacture of personalized USB key and other customized advertising tools.

Customized USB key manufacturing with FRANPRINT

Franprint is a company that specializes in digital printing in all categories of support. This structure offers you the solution that is adaptable to your needs.

If you opt for communication by using customized USB keys, you will enjoy a quality service and satisfaction with the company that has all the skills required to answer all your requests in the field of Customized USB key manufacturing.

Print Custom USB Key to Meet Your Needs

With Franprint, it is a possibility for you to order a model of personalized USB key from which you choose the smallest details. So you can opt for the choice of material that will enter the custom USB key manufacturing. You have the choice between:

  • Glass;
  • Aluminum;
  • Leather;
  • Metal;
  • Wood, etc.

As for the form, we are able to print custom USB key in the following forms:

  • The classical form;
  • Round shape;
  • The flattened form (map), etc.

You also have the choice of the storage capacity of your USB key. This can therefore be:

  • In MB;
  • In GB;
  • In TB;

Fast work and the best price

Printed customized USB keys is the answer to all the requests of its customers: this is the main mission of the company FRANPRINT which thus contributes to your visibility in the market place.

We offer you fast service that scrupulously respects delivery times and is consistent with your request on all points.