Flag supporter

Flag supporter

The supporting flag is a flag that is usually waved in stadiums or at various events. It is ideal for animating all types of parties, whether improvised or carefully planned.

Our supporter flags have features that make them perfect for the supporter who needs them. It is lightweight, easy to wrap around, and must be strong enough to endure long hours of festivity (many times if necessary) without tearing. The sail of a supporting flag can be personalized to the smallest detail to be perfectly related to a specific event. The colors, the shapes or the material of the flag: every detail counts and participates to make of your flag the accessory of the ideal supporter!

Do you have a big event or party to celebrate with friends? Why not bring an original touch by ordering magnificent flags based on the theme of the event? Quickly place the order of your custom supporter flag! This medium of communication is ideal to animate a football evening with friends: a beautiful flag in the colors of your favorite team will set the tone of the evening! And to give color to a wedding or even to celebrate a birthday, what better way to honor somebody by making him/her a nice flag with patterns that are well in line with the theme or event of the day? You can also order your flags in a mini version. The mini flag is perfect for decorating a table for different events.

Custom flag command with Franprint

Franprint makes your custom flag for all types of events. You can place orders of standard flags of excellent quality, with their rectangular shape. But, the customization does not really have rules! You can very well opt for a square or rectangular flag in a portrait format different from landscape formats that are more common.

Are you short of ideas for customizing your flag? Do not hesitate to get inspired by quality drawings or ask the Franprint team for advice.

The custom flag can literally fit on any occasion. You can order custom flags for your city sports club, for your group of friends or for a political party. The design of a custom flag is very simple to do. Do you have a specific text, photos or logo? We take care of printing and designing your flags for maximum customization.

You must know that your design must be well done. It is indeed necessary to take into account the possible addition a flagpole that could for example appear to the left of the flag, depending on the model chosen. Moreover, because of the narrowing of the fabric and the hems, it is necessary to foresee some differences of cm. We can effectively help you determine the most appropriate measures. So come with all your customization requirements and create a unique custom flag and print quality more than satisfactory.

Franprint: A manufacturer of quality flags

The flag finds its place in all kinds of events. National flags are found at meetings of all kinds, flags are found at various community events, and so on. The flag is a unifying element and a strong signal. It serves to symbolize a union around an idea, common values, festive events, etc.

For the manufacture of your flags trust Franprint. It has great know-how that is offered to meet your expectations for all your communication media needs.

With Franprint, your flags are manufactured in workshops by technicians with vast experience. Our teams are equipped with high quality materials and work with state-of-the-art printing techniques. We are a major player in the flagship market, and you can count on a diversified offer and products of indisputable quality.

There is a wide choice of flags that you will find at these professional manufacturers. The most common and original flags are available in several sizes. On the other hand, the company’s flagship production allows customers to take advantage of attractive prices for their flags of excellent quality.

The variety of flags that is made in Franprint’s workshops is already very large, but the company can produce any pattern you want to order. Whether it is a city, federation, company, school or trade flag, count on impeccable manufacturing quality.

Custom mini flags

Custom flags are made for big or small events. On some occasions, such as a wedding or anniversary, it is much better to order mini personalized flags that can highlight the event and better match the occasion. The mini personalized flags can be beautiful decorative objects on a birthday table or make a statement at an organized event. Order your mini personalized flags with their wooden support for example, and add a nice touch of originality to your event!

These mini personalized flags are perfect for exhibition stands, conference tables, to decorate your counter with an advertising object that is eye catching or for a personal touch on your desk. You can have the logo of your company or business printed there. Mini personalized flags are light and cheap items. In addition, they are very easy to assemble and do not occupy space. A good flag is also usable for a long time and for different events. For example, the mini POS counter flag has a very high quality of printing and design. So launch your Mini Flags orders with confidence for satisfying results.