FRANPRINT, the expert of visual communication in the production of an exhibition stand

Franprint is your reference partner in the definition and materialization of your visual communication procedures. We specialize in graphic design and exhibition accessories design from environmentally friendly materials. With us, assembling your custom booths will be without any hassle and especially within the limits of your budget. We offer high visual impact media to impress your customers.

Our range of event communication equipment includes the most innovative volume media on the market: totem booths, advertising banners, exhibition posters, models or advertising flags …

FRANPRINT, the opportunity to offer custom
made stands that are made in France

The Franprint offer is products manufactured in Europe and designed according to the technical standards imposed. According to your specifications, we provide you with the first idea of your project as a sketch. This plan could then be subject to modifications to comply with the regulations of an exhibition hall or your security requirements.

The result is a custom-made stand that is easy to assemble and is, in most cases, reusable for other occasions.

Popularize your brand with a totem stand of all dimensions

Discover a large selection of exhibition equipment at the best price. Break the codes and easily communicate about your brand and its services during trade fairs or exhibitions by opting for modern and ergonomic exterior totems that will help you to utilize the space for the promotion of your brand in the best possible conditions.

Franprint helps you to personalize the totem booths that come in a different range of design and dimensions and that we help you adapt to your needs. Check out our models online: you will discover totem stands that are made of eco-friendly material such as cardboard, sturdy and easy-to-assemble totem pole stand, totem stand with retractable feet, easy to move and give a feeling of freshness and energy to your stand.

A unique opportunity to provide you with
exhibition stands for intensive use

Good planning of your commercial presentations, trade fairs, festivals and other mainstream events means that you have a strong, carefully crafted advertising facility that can withstand the harsh weather conditions. Opt for true communication solutions that are up to the challenges through indoor or outdoor exhibition stands that combine design and functionality. Our offer includes both standardized and customized products. You will discover almost all the utilities essential to the development of your communication space with:

  • Reception desks: we offer a large choice of modular counters, easily transportable, with high visibility to attract and welcome your customers in the best conditions;
  • Brochure holders and documentation holders: at an exhibition or a showroom, you will necessarily need an installation to have your brochures, flyers or leaflets and put them at your fingertips. We have models of modern displays in various formats that will serve as ideal supports for your commercial brochures;
  • Winders: here is communication media that can be installed in a short period of time and with which you benefit from a duplex configuration to offer maximum visibility. We design several dimensions that are perfectly stabilized, with waterproof, ecological and anti-fire supports;
  • Umbrella stands: to better exploit the ergonomics of your communication space, nothing is better than an umbrella stand that will be a true wallpaper for your installation with a life-size image. You’ll have a completely removable, space-saving product that offers one a structured and colorful finish;
  • Large format printing accessories: a picture is worth a thousand words. Franprint equips you with something to attract the audience with large format event stands that fit perfectly in your exhibition area;
  • Banners: for small budgets, we offer promotional banners for indoor / outdoor and that are very noticeable and have the ability to attract attention.
  • We also specialize in the production of PVC models and panels, the printing of posters, personalized stickers, the manufacture of tarpaulins, graphic design or 2D or 3D design …

The FRANPRINT service: satisfactory design and delivery conditions for your exhibition stands

Before any step, you have the opportunity to request a quote on our site. With speed of execution and a very enviable quality / price ratio, you will be able to design your exhibitions in the best conditions with products certified and meeting the requirements of environmental policies. Franprint is a guarantee:

  • Respect of the legislation and safety provisions in the design of your equipment: whatever the needs of the exhibitor, all our products are designed according to safety rules and to prevent accidents and fire risks. That’s why we choose solidly fixable accessories that are not likely to be harmed by the weather;
  • A quality product: if the challenge is to ensure maximum impact, you can count on us. To satisfy you, we reserve professional and visually attractive sets that correspond to all industrial type installations. In wood, textile, polycarbonate or composite materials, our products are suitable for intensive use, and withstand long exposure to the sun without fading;
  • Compliance with terms and delivery times: Franprint delivers on time and provides you with a reliable and dynamic team to advise you on the installation of your equipment;
  • A spacious set that facilitates the cleaning of the stand: we also pay special attention to the operation of your stand. To do this, we make it easy for you to maintain it with the best choice of eco-friendly materials.

We are committed to providing you with a complete and temporary stand that enhances your brand while ensuring optimum comfort for exhibitors. For added convenience, you can store decorative accessories, electricity, and lighting or install trendy furniture.