Textile printing

Textile printing

Textile printing is a major asset in a good visual communication strategy. Used and appreciated by professionals and individuals, clothing and accessories are among the essential promotional items on the market. Specialist objects and advertising textiles, FRANPRINT offers a wide range of textile articles to customize.

With know-how and listening to our customers, your professional textile printing uses a variety of techniques tailored to your printing needs for your greatest satisfaction.

Textile printing: a powerful marketing tool

Using textile printing is a great way to spread your image or brand to a large audience without exceeding your budget. In other words, it is one of the marketing tools that can reach as many people as possible without spending a lot. Indeed, anyone who wears a custom textile becomes a mobile “advertising medium”. In order to boost your communication operations, you can ask your employees to wear a T-shirt, cap or other accessories bearing your company logo. On the other hand, the personalized textile offered to prospective clients and customers is an effective advertising tool that will serve as a springboard for the promotion of your brand or image.

To succeed in a visual communication project by textile printing, you must entrust your project to a competent textile printer. With exceptional know-how and a qualified workforce, Franprint is able to meet all your expectations in terms of printing on clothing. Direct digital printing, flexography, direct or indirect screen printing, flocking, thermo-patch, sublimation or embroidery: our team perfectly masters the different methods of personalization. In addition, we have the necessary equipment to provide you with a high quality service according to your desires. Do you want to launch your own clothing line within your company or for a special event? Franprint offers you custom-made printing service.

Paris T-shirt printing: customize according to your tastes

Classic marketing support, the T-shirt is undoubtedly one of the best advertising textiles that have the most success. Suitable for all occasions and always fashionable, it is a capital asset for those who wish to promote their brand with textiles. Whether you are an individual or a professional, do you want to print a Paris T-shirt for an event, for pleasure or as part of a promotion?

Franprint offers you different models of personalized T-shirts at the best price and in the shortest time possible. It is up to you to choose, according to your objectives: the model, the desired quantity, the size, the target … As for the originality, you will have the privilege to choose the motive (logo, photo, text) which will be used to print your T-shirt according to your ideas, creations and desires. A Paris T-shirt print can be made in color or black and white depending on the desired rendering, the message and the image you want to convey. In addition to standard designs, you can choose the one that best fits your event or community. Franprint is open to all types of specific orders. Finally, know that, whatever your choice, you will enjoy a high level of performance and our team will be happy to accompany you throughout the ordering process.

Clothing printing

Opting for clothing printing is a great way to promote your image or brand to a large number of people. Whether you are an individual or a professional, you will easily find that our collection has a wide range of customizable clothing for mass distribution. Do you need to customize clothes for your business, association? Would you like to print clothes for a birthday, a wedding or a sporting event?

Franprint offers you inexpensive textiles to personalize. To spread a current and fresh image of your brand, our printing press service offers trendy clothes that are fashionable. Note that most are timeless, the cuts and colors as they evolve over time. In addition, our skills allow us to work particularly with the message that you want to convey through your clothes, since this is the central element of your strategy.

The choice of the textile and the message thus plays a lot on the success of the marketing project. However, for your project to be really developed, it is also necessary to look at different printing techniques. With Franprint, you have the possibility to customize:

  • The tops: polo, sweater, fleece, sweatshirt, t-shirt …
  • The tracksuits: jackets, parkas…
  • The bottoms: pants, bermuda shorts, joggings…
  • Accessories: caps, hats, headbands, ties, socks, etc.

Printing techniques used by the textile printer

Several printing methods are used to customize the advertising textiles. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages, so you must choose according to your expectations and take into account the opinion of your textile printer. Indeed, the choice of the technique depends on the quality of the textile. So, we use:

  • Direct digital printing to print color and gradient photos and patterns on T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts. With this method, the hue obtained is resistant, even if the pattern sticks a little at the beginning and gives off an acidic odor. For a high quality result, we use the latest generation DTG printers
  • Embroidery is a technique that is performed on almost all textiles except fine fabrics. We use electronic embroiderers that allow us to customize generally more expensive textiles. Embroidery is the best customization technique in textile printing that adds value to your clothes.
  • Silkscreen printing is a method of printing on transfer paper placed on the hot textile, which allows it to retain all the flexibility, softness and comfort of the textile. This technique gives an intense color that lasts over time. However, good opacity should not be used for nylon, wool or mesh fabrics.